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EcoGuide: Forest Insect Pests

1.99 usd

Unique, first in Russia FIELD mobile guide to the tree pest insects of Northern Eurasia: 92 most prevalent species, each with drawings of imago (both male and female if different), eggs/laying, larva/caterpillar and types of plant damages, as well as text descriptions of their appearance, reproduction cycle, way of life, habitats and feeding plants, economical loss for forest industry. It is easy and fun to identify species using only three simple determination characters (appearance, type of damage and feeding plant) with 10-20 values in each of them.Application consists from 5 main parts: Guide, Atlas, Textbook, Manual and Quiz.
The application works without Internet connection, you can use it directly in nature if you see the unknown insect or find any damaged plant. Using the Guide you can narrow the number of possible species to 2-3 and then compare your object with their images and descriptions in the Atlas.